Benefits of reading

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Wouldn’t you enjoy a good book on the beach, on a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee or maybe read a good story before going to sleep? For that you will need to choose a good book. Just go to the website and look for a topic of your interest or your favorite author, and enjoy it. 

If you dedicate some time to reading you will get great benefits, which will be immediate and today we share with you a list with many of the reasons why you should accompany yourself with a good book.

Readers in a library

10 Benefits that reading will bring to your life

1. Increased comprehension capacity. 

As reading requires our attention, we need to have all our senses on the page, this will help you to have a better understanding of a text, to thread the lines to understand the story that the author formulated in his mind.

2. Improve your spelling. 

The best way to improve your spelling is by observing the words, that is, when you read the words you will remember them and they will become familiar images, so that when you see an error, you will recognize it immediately because the word will look strange, surely it has happened to you? Human beings are visual and we need to see the words to know them and, at the same time, to write them correctly.

3. Ability to summarize. 

Summarizing can be almost impossible for some people because they do not know how to differentiate between what is important and what is not, that is, to find in a few lines what we need in a reading. It is even said that there are literary genres that, being short, are more difficult to tell because in order to reduce it, one must have the ability to say more with fewer words.

4. Stimulate your imagination. 

Your mind can travel, imagine and create worlds that only exist in the pages of a creative and talented author. Proof of this is the large number of stories that we see today on the platforms and that are the work of renowned authors, classics that are taken to the screen, in such a way that they create in the directors a seed of imagination, thus reaching thousands of people.

5. Improve your way of expressing yourself. 

Good communication is a mastered art, and the person with this skill will have better chances in life. Many of the human interactions you face day in and day out could benefit from a good way of expressing yourself. Getting a job, a date, a raise, or even declaring your love to the guy or girl you’re in love with; words are powerful.

Girl reading a book

6. Feed your vocabulary. 

Being in contact with reading will help you discover new words and use them in a natural way, applying them to express yourself clearly and have a better way to explain any idea, both academically and in the workplace can bring you a lot, even give you professionalism. Even the most complex story to tell becomes easy with the right words.  

7. It helps your concentration. 

To read we need silence and this way you will be able to connect with the lines. If this becomes a habit it will be easier for you to concentrate, even do your homework more efficiently, some message, mail or idea you want to convey. The more you concentrate, the more accurate and focused you can be in any activity, whether it is cooking, writing or even cleaning, it will allow you to do everything faster. Focusing is an excellent habit, not wandering around doing everything and nothing at the same time.

8. Increase your knowledge. 

It is evident that the more you read the more things you can learn, about any subject and at any time. Reading also allows you to be self-taught and obtain any knowledge, which is why it is one of the greatest tools in the educational field. The best thing to do is to keep increasing your knowledge in subjects that you like and in this way you will do it with pleasure.

Girl surrounded by her favorite books

9. Stimulate your empathy. 

By reading stories you can understand other lives and have empathy in what may happen to others, for example in a novel, of any kind, historical, romantic or suspense. “Listening” to the voice of the characters allows us to understand their situation, how they think or why they act the way they do and you put yourself in someone else’s “shoes”, that’s empathy.  

10.  You can transport yourself to any place you can imagine. 

A book can be a plane ticket to anywhere, it can take you to real or imaginary places in a single chapter. Enjoy reading because it is a habit that will only bring you benefits, it is even a way to relax and “escape” a little bit from stress or this hectic world full of busyness. Land on your favorite story.