The Before and Now: The Difficulty of Learning

There was a time when reading and writing was something only a few people had access to. 
Since the time that painting records were made on the walls to facilitate communication, not everyone knew how to draw.
What we know as writing, started back in Babylon, a long time ago, and only a few people could identify the manuscripts.

Over time this changed, and with mathematics it was no different.
Since the beginning of time, human beings have been curious! And that’s what makes them look for answers to the phenomena of nature, constructions and mainly how to deal with trade exchanges.

To understand all this, the findings had to be transcribed and ways of summarizing it had to be found. And so came what we know today as formulas were created, in which we apply values ​​by numbers.

As studies were improved, curiosity increased, and even more specific studies emerged.

Some people were torn between studying and working. And those who chose to study, looked for people interested in learning, to pay for their work and consequently generate more money for their studies.

There were people who wanted to learn mathematics, yes – which was a differential for the standards of the time. If reading and writing were things that few people had access to, knowing how to deal with numbers was something extraordinary! So extraordinary that it was restricted even to specific tasks.

As we can already imagine, with scarcity, competition increased: if you knew math, you could earn money teaching math. And since everyone wants to learn from the best tutor, countless ways have been developed to attract more students.

In the Renaissance, for example, mathematicians held competitions among themselves in the middle of the street for anyone to watch. So whoever needed to choose a math tutor, just showed up there.

Even later, when mathematics was already present in colleges, access was still very restricted. To spread knowledge on the subject, two mathematicians developed a material that was distributed as a textbook.

This has all passed, but looking back it is possible to see how difficult it was to be able to learn even a little. Today the problem has changed: we have education for everyone, but sometimes the difficulty makes some students discouraged in learning. Especially math.

I usually say that we don’t just learn the subject, but we also learn with the tutor. So if there is no affinity with a tutor, the difficulty of liking and learning something is greater.

Our current school system was made from the needs of the industrial revolution. There have been some advances, but some methods are still archaic and most tutors use methods that are too old for a generation that is constantly updating itself.
This makes us understand that the way of teaching is stipulated to serve the greatest number of people at the same time, ignoring the particularities of each human being.

And what happens when we have someone who doesn’t fit that pattern? It is said that they have difficulty in learning, that they did not understand what was passed on to them, and so on. But no one has stopped to question why this occurs.

What actually happens is that the student that presents a “difficulty” just doesn’t fit this common pattern of teaching. And that’s far from being a reason to feel bad. We have many examples of people who don’t fit the standards to inspire us, such as Einstein, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and others.

A good tutor is able to identify a student’s difficulty with learning. And so he directs the way of teaching according to the student’s need.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to change all the tutors that appear in our life, but the good news is that the internet offers countless possibilities for us to find tutors with different teaching methods, whether through a solved exercise, a comment, and also a classic video on Youtube.

In addition to all these, there is still the option of looking for a private tutor that you like and feel comfortable with and their teaching method to learn even more smoothly and efficiently according to your goals. And that’s why I recommend accessing! There are several tutors and I am sure they will find the ideal tutor for you.

For example, I work with personalized material for each student. In this way, the issues that were not clear in the classroom can be explained again, with another didactic, until the subject is clear to the student.

And here is the first insight for you who wants to learn math – or any other subject: look for a tutor who teaches the way you like and works for you.
Even if you go back to that “boring” tutor from your normal lesson, you will remember how you learned from another tutor and will make the learning process much easier.

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