Another year online, now what?

Imagine yourself entering a new place where almost everyone is unknown.

Everything that happens inside is new, and on top of that, a lot of people complain that they have to go there!

Sounds weird, right? But this is a common memory many people have of their first day of school. Usually in the first year, or when they move to a new school.

Human beings are social animals, and in less than a year the human being turns a scary environment into a place with formed groups.

As a social animal, in less than a month a human being makes the environment scary in an environment with formed groups.
You meet people with similar tastes, problems and similar joys. Anyway, a great preparation for relationships in society.


Time passes, and fear becomes a responsibility. There are subjects, weeks of tests, choice of profession, entrance exams…

It seems to be bad, but on the other hand, most of the students I met couldn’t wait for the holidays to end to see their friends and teachers (at least the “nice ones”).

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One of the reasons that help students face all the school pressure is the social contact that students have with each other.

Back to school is always an exciting time for the student, in which he shares the pains and joys of a period of rest. And once again you are faced with all the student responsibilities.

Over the years, things have changed a bit. The technology has helped people connect from a distance, and has shortened the response time between online conversations.

And so, even outside of school, students were still connected and telling each other everything without even waiting for the holidays to end.

When lessons needed to be remote, adults were taken by surprise: they took their work home and made a total adaptation.

At the same time, the students who were communicating in real time adapted very well!

Technology wasn’t an issue, but true social contact declined, and for health reasons, parents wanted their kids at home.

But most students found that studying online is different from the interaction they were used to.

With each generation, technology advances more and more, and with that we tend to feel a certain insecurity about how children will behave.

What will teaching look like in the future? What is missing in teaching now?

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During online lessons it is possible to notice that something is missing, and the disadvantage is not only in the content – after all, it is available for free on the internet with vast options.

The text above does not report the reality of all the people who had to adapt, but it outlines a perspective that is similar to a majority, who 2 years ago were scared of the changes we face until today.

Faced with such a scenario, it is possible to see an incredible change in our learning: we were forced to transport everything to the virtual classroom!

For some teachers it was their first contact with digital, and the material of an entire school year had to be revised.

It was difficult for both sides: teachers and students struggling.

Leaving the issue of grades aside, we can say that the use of subjects was delayed.

But instead of freaking out, there is hope – not only in relation to the content necessary to leverage academic life, but also to supply the contact, which makes us more human!

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What if I told you that a two-word solution would help (a lot) any struggling student?

And I’ll say more: if it’s with the right person, you’ll feel confident enough to face any new subject!


But not just any reinforcement, but one that is made just for you, with a teacher you like from start to finish.

A teacher who manages to retain your attention during the class, even if it is for a boring subject, using whatever technique it is.

Whether telling stories, using videos and images, mixing conversation and content, bringing day-to-day examples, using colorful and interactive materials, among other options.

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With a private tutor you have the freedom to follow your studies, meet a person who understands your difficulties, and who strives for your success.

If you are a parent, you can even follow your child’s lessons to feel safer!

We know it’s not easy to look for and hire someone you don’t know for such an important task, and that’s why is here!’s objective is precisely to facilitate your side, counting on qualified teachers, who, for a symbolic value, offer a Lesson 1 to introduce themselves, show the material and talk about the best way to proceed with the lessons.

So, let’s go?

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